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may li

staff trip


My family went to the staff trip held by Acer Welfare Committee.
We gathered at 8:00am in TAIPEI STATION and took the bus to雲林.

The first schedule was the lunch because of the traffic jam.
After that,we visited the towel factory. The guide explained that how they made the towels. Then,we had a DIY activity,a common towel became a cute dog. They sold the towels with creation like icereams ,cakes,animals and so on...

We also visited HAND PUPPET MUSEUM.@@ It exhibited kinds of puppets,but I was not interested in.

We stayed at NICE PRINCE HOTEL in 嘉義.Its department store is near the hotel and opened until 10:30pm. So we went shopping. Amazingly I got a new shirt of Le Coq Sportif.^^

The second day we went to 彰化王功 to look for the clams. We took the shuttle bus to the tidle-zone.
They prepared the rakes for us in advance. We needed to squatted to rake the sand to find the clams. We could take all of them home.

After that,we visited TAIWAN GLASS GALLERY. Besides the exhibition of art works, it had a tunnel made of galss in all directions like a mirror. You could see numbers of yourselves and it's hard to find the way to go forward.

Finally we took the high speed rail to go home.
It was an excellent trip and memory.

May Li 2011/5/13