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Today is my sexy wife's birthday! Happy Birrhday, Monica Chen! No one can believe she is 49 years old today. But, they CAN believe she is 45!! We have spent almost half of our lives together. I only wish I could say that it is the better half. I am so thankful to be able to watch her grow old. She is kind of like a tree, except when a tree's leaves change colour, they change from green to red/yellow/orange to brown to nothing. She has just changed from black to white, and soon, will have nothing as well. Ha ha! She is the most incredibly wonderful and amazing girl. I love her so much. She has made my life both better and worse. Never thought that could be possible. She can be as sweet as she can bitter. She has accomplished so much in her many years on earth, from bringing 3 amazing children into this world, and Alyssa, to starting and running a successful business, to becoming fluent in English and Japanese, to taking care of her parents in their old age, to making me a better person. I am so eternally thankful for all her love and support. She is an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. One of her friends has even admitted to loving Monica more than she does her own husband. i am getting too old to finding a replacement for her when she dies, so she has to either live long enough until we can both die old together, or just hurry up and kick the bucket! I hope you have enjoyed this past week of birthday festivities as much as I have. I can never show you enough how much I love and appreciate you, sweetie. You are truly an amazingly awesome person.......and still so incredibly beautiful. I hope to be able to celebrate many more birthdays with you.  PS. Lets see how you top this one.  HAPPY BITHDAY, BABY!!!!!



明天厲害要演講 這一場演講 他一直懸在心上 太久沒有接觸了。。   《前幾天》 厲害:我還沒想好要說甚麼!   沒什麼好擔心的,有在聽的應該沒有幾個人。。。   厲害:有,我都有在聽! 所以我講的,別人也會聽。。。   好吧! 只是要你別那麼擔心說的好不好而已。。。   厲害:小孩看牙醫,可以你去就好嗎? 我要在家準備演講稿。。   可以啊!你在家好好準備。。   《今天一大早》 我起床運動 厲害七點起床 滑了手機 接著,看了一下經書 拿出紙筆準備寫稿   沒多久 又放下紙筆 拿出筆電看經文   然後 把筆電拿到沙發 拿出電動遙控桿 開始用筆電打電動 [不是要寫稿?]   約莫十分鐘 收起遙控桿 準備打稿子 然後發現筆電的文書程式可以用說的,就會自動幫你鍵入! 興奮之餘 他拿起手機打給妹妹: Amy,超酷的,我筆電不用打字耶,用說的就好了耶! 哈哈哈,連monica說哈哈哈,筆電都打出哈哈哈哈耶!   然後 他又打給媽媽 [不是要寫稿?] 電話響好久 媽媽都沒有接 失望的放下手機   他關上筆電 然後起身到床上 蓋了棉被開始睡覺 [不是要寫稿?]   翻來覆去約二十分鐘 他起身打開電視 開始看影集 [不是要寫稿?] 哈哈大笑   沒多久 又打開筆電寫沒幾個字   蓋上筆電 他說:我要去洗澡了 [不是要寫稿?]   洗完出來 他沒有在打稿子 他打電話給妹妹 又開始聊天。 [不是要寫稿?]   到底要不要寫啊? 這個樣子 稿。明年你都寫不出來吧?   #當老師的看到這樣都會氣死