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Murphy Chuang

Murphy Chuang

王貞乃皮膚科 / Lunch

Fei's rash comes on and off... Took her to visit the doctor and confirmed to have 2 weeks medication treatment, so no 慢性蕁麻疹 in the future...

王貞乃皮膚科 / Lunch_img_1
王貞乃皮膚科 / Lunch_img_2

Had lunch date with Fei in 馬旦馬須. We shared one set and it was more than enough. Fei loved it! Then we shopped for her lounge wear in Uniqlo afterwards. What an afternoon!

王貞乃皮膚科 / Lunch_img_3
王貞乃皮膚科 / Lunch_img_4
王貞乃皮膚科 / Lunch_img_5
王貞乃皮膚科 / Lunch_img_6